Glide over the water and feel the speed.

In Saona Boats you can rent water skis together with your boat.

We have Jobe Synergy skis with a rope and lifejacket.

Price: 35€.


Dive in and discover the underwater wonders of the Costa Brava.

You don’t need to go deep, or far. In any place you can enjoy beautiful seabeds with many marine life.

Saona Boats will help you with whatever you need. And if you don’t have dive gear, we can rent it to you.

Snorkel CressiSub or Beuchat equipment (mask and snorkel) – 5€

Complete Snorkel CressiSub equipment (mask, snorkel and fins) – 10€


Feel the adrenaline while sliding on a wakeboard with one of our boats.

Saona Boats has a Jobe Vanity 141 wakeboard with tow rope and lifejacket.

Price: 35€.

Sunset trips

Do you want to enjoy a sunset in the middle of the sea? Do you want to enjoy the silence and colors of the sunset while drinking a glass of champagne?

We take care of organizing everything so that you live a unique experience.

If you are interested, contact us and we will prepare it for you.

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